Apr 18, 2012

Caterpillars, Caterpillars.

When Josie requested a caterpillar cake for her 4th birthday, I thought "I can do that."  Cupcakes.  In a curved line.  Different colors.  A little face on the end.  Easy peasy. 

So a caterpillar party it was.  I'm not big on huge parties.  I enjoy planning themed things, for sure.  I just want to keep the simple pleasures of childhood, well, simple.  Lots of decor and party favors, while fun, are just not worth the effort most of the time (to me, totally can be for another.)  It seems like if I'm running around stressed and cranky, its probably not as fun for my birthday girl as a relaxed day going to play in the park with friends would be.  Which is what we usually do.  

That being said, we decided to have her party at our house this year.  As the day neared, it just seemed that plans were more complex than usual.  I think I felt like I needed to have something for everyone to do since it was here.

And there is always the party favor pressure.  I hope I don't step on any toes here (I totally appreciate all the favors my kids have received and I know that kind consideration went into them), but I wonder if we all just decided to skip the party favor idea (not spend money on sugar and cheap plastic) and the general expectation was just to go have a good time, that would be more healthy for our kids (physically and materialistically).  Again, I'm just processing here.  You are totally free to feel differently.

Anyway...I did end up with a party favor (a live caterpillar that will turn into a butterfly), and the party did get pulled off.  And it was pretty fun. :)

Josie opened her gifts from us in the morning.  I made her a checkers game with bean bags as pieces, that fit inside a little pocket on back.  I used this from pinterest, but made it bigger.

Our craft was also something I also found online...can't remember where.

Thankfully Joanna and a college friend came to help. :)

The girls helped me paint the game, which they LOVED doing.  And the kids really like the game.

Fun day.  And she felt so happy to have her friends around her!
Thanks to everyone who helped her celebrate!
I guess I'll keep evaluating our birthday party approach as the years pass. :)

Oh, I posted an Easter post just a bit ago too.  I know sometimes posts get missed if I post two in a row.


  1. Nanette11:30 PM

    We had a great time celebrating Josie!

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  2. You are BRAVE, girl! That's a LOT of kids! Looks like a blast!