Apr 26, 2012


There was a moment this morning at breakfast when I saw it.  I looked out the window and thought perhaps the Lord, Himself, might be returning.  Full, round sun coming across the neighboring field, through the trees, onto our yard in streaks so wide and blinding I almost couldn't look. 

These pictures are not what I saw then.  I didn't think to get my camera amidst feeding hungry little people.  But as morning sounds rolled in on open windows, the sun continued to be beautiful.  Construction trucks were at work on Harvest Road around the corner and every time they passed, the dust flew and the sun's rays became evident again.

I baked bread.  The Poppy Seed variety.  I had six college students, three other adults, and the usual three little people to feed this evening. 

This is the best way to bake.  I'm convinced.  With the sunlight pouring in.  Oh, but then there is fall with the cool evening breeze.  Yes, that is better.  But this is pretty close.

Mouths fed.
Kids in bed.
I think I'll go have some Poppy Seed Bread. :)

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  1. Mmm! Your poppy seed bread could top any cake in my opinion. :) A special treat, for sure! And love those rays!