Apr 28, 2012

Planting Day.

He's loving this tree.  We both are.
Okay we just planted it today, but we already love it.  The London Plane Tree, which is part Sycamore, can be trained to grow low wide branches, fit for climbing.
Look how happy he is with his tree.

He and a few college guys actually planted 8 today, around our house.  Remember after moving in last year when we transplanted 4 trees?  After last year's summer, only the Tulip Tree survived. :(  But do not dismay, we are trying again.  We now have:
the London Plane Tree,
a River Birch clump
a Royal Frost Birch,
a Fuji Apple,
Honeycrisp Apple,
and a Montmorency Cherry in the back.
A Pacific Sunset Maple and some sort of Crabapple are in front.

Like most things in our life, three little girls were a part of the fun.

Hello Cherry Tree.  You might be my favorite.

River Birch.

It's a much more happy yard now.


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  2. Love the trees!!! Wow! You really did plant a bunch. Trusting for a cooler and wetter summer this year! Looked like fun! Can't wait to see it all!