Apr 6, 2012

Sneak Preview.

I did it.
Last night while Nate was at Challenge I finished up the last dress.
Except for the knots, which needed to be tied while it was actually on Malia.
I'm thrilled with how they turned out and the girls are too.
More pictures to follow Easter. :)

Today is Good Friday.  The irony of the name of the day always hits me, as I think about what a horrific day it actually would have been.  But in the meta-narrative, Jesus' crucifixion surely does mean good for God's glory, and for each of us.  I am humbled when I think about that.  It is not natural for me to think about the happening of brutal, unmerited, murder as good.  I am honored to be a child of a King who endured such not only for my good (which it was) but also for the good of His Kingdom.
Praise God He lives and His Kingdom is here!

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