Apr 24, 2012

With summer approaching...

I find myself dreaming of school!  I know, it's weird.  Nate and I went to a home school conference in KC this weekend and I came back, head spinning with ideas.  In a good way.  In a way that makes me feel very alive.

(Side note...when I was a kid, I helped my Mom get ready for VBS.  One of my "dream" jobs as a kid was designing some sort of themed material or curriculum.  I am just now realizing how God is allowing that part of me come to life in this whole home-schooling endeavor.)

I went with close to zero knowledge about curriculum (hello, overwhelming!) and came back very inspired!  As far as curriculum goes, anyway.

As for the workshops, we had some mixed feelings.  There were a few workshops where we really connected with the speakers and enjoyed them a lot.  There were others in which the main goal seemed to be to "defend" the home school choice and/or poke fun of other options.  Those weren't as helpful.  I know that homeschooling has benefits (that's why we're doing it) but seriously, it can't be perfect, and it would have helped to talk about it in an unbiased manner to help newbies like me think about what to look for.

We also came back so thankful to be a part of a community that values God's Gospel being the central driving force/worldview in our lives.  Godly character and Biblical education are very important, we totally agree, but our primary goal for our kids and for our lives is that His Redemption would be made known to people!  That message seemed to be missing from the conference, which was sad, but led to some good conversations between Nate and I about what our vision is for this.  I'm SO thankful for a husband who came with me and is willing to be in this together!

Overall....inspired!  I have a better understanding of curriculum and which seem like they fit our family.  We picked out a newer Math curriculum that is a totally different way of learning math that what I grew up with.
I learned Math just fine, but this idea is pretty exciting to me.  It's all about learning Math conceptually, so we walk through Fred's life and help him solve the problems he's encountering in his daily life.  It's in storybook form, which fits Malia well.

I've done some starting touches in our school area downstairs.  My main issue is lack of natural light... :( However, I'm sure much school time will happen upstairs or even outside.  

This little table/bench may get a paint makeover. :)
Lots of ideas simmering up there in my noggin.

Oh, and I have been doing school, not just dreaming about it.
Our most recent school project: Family Trees.
Number 3 couldn't seem to stay away from all the picture action. :)
 Here's to learning!  If anything I mentioned above is confusing you are totally free to ask more.  I could probably write an essay about the reasons we've decided to home school and I didn't want to make a huge post.  But I'm open to sharing!  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that our current idea is to do it through the elementary years, then put them in public school for Middle School.  Just F.Y.I.


  1. Terri H4:59 PM

    We love Life of Fred! We use it along with Horizons and it's a fun change. I will be interested to hear how you feel about it as a whole math curriculum.

  2. I'd love to read your "essay". And I'm totally impressed...do you really know the names of all your great-grandparents on those family trees?

  3. All the curriculum choices can be overwhelming! When I first started homeschooling I made a decision to use an online curriculum (Time4Learning) as our core and was very glad because it addressed not only my daughter's needs but my needs. I found the lesson planning overwhelming, so afraid I would miss something vital that would cause our homeschooling to come crashing down. I have learned a lot in the 5 years we have been on this homeschool journey, one of the most important things is there is not really a right or a wrong way to homeschool, and if it works for your family it is right for you! Enjoy your homeschooling journey!!

  4. Your school looks amazing.

  5. Nanette11:42 PM

    Great thoughts in this post, but what makes me smile the most is the Family Tree picture story!