May 13, 2012

BBQ and Running.

We had some really special people over for a BBQ a couple of nights ago....current and soon-to-join Worship Teamers. :)  These are the students that help Nate lead worship every Thursday night for Christian Challenge and are a part of our Life Group.  Many of them Nate and I meet with one-on-one throughout the week as well.  So...we know them pretty well and love them lots!  (We were missing one person.)

 Frisbee got a little out of hand.

 So did these two. ;)  Just kidding Erica!  We love the joy you take in our kids and the way you love them so well!

 This one wanted to park it and read in the sun.

 Joanna with mud-face Aliza.  Why is it that in every outdoor picture of Aliza, she has mud on her mouth?  Hmmm.....

 We will miss you Casey and Erica!  These girls won't be with us next year.  We have loved getting to know them and they have added so much to our group.

And THEN....a little run time.
We've got some good facial expressions in this family.

I am so thankful for a yard and trees and girls who remind me about having happy hearts.


  1. Oh my. I just love this post. =) I was smiling the whole time. Also, I am glad we finally have a picture together! I can't wait to live two blocks away from you so soon! Thanks for everything!!

  2. Looks like you all have fun! Rejoicing in those God has brought into your lives and your faithfulness to be faithful and available to them! Blessings!

  3. When at first I read the caption for this post I thought maybe YOU decided to do the running... how silly of me! Great pictures! Miss you!