May 2, 2012

A Date.

 Malia and I had a date this morning.  She requested Pillsbury Crossing and I was happy to oblige.


We didn't make it back that way this time.  She wanted to stick to the water.

We didn't even get knee deep.  Hardly shin deep.  She just wanted her life vest!

A little snack break was needed, of course.

This date was her reward for learning 10 songs in her piano book.
We aren't doing formal lessons yet, but she does love to play around and she is learning some things. :)


  1. Looks like fun! I would love to know what beginning piano book you use. I'm getting ready to start mine!

  2. What fun! Wish I could have been there too! Was the water cool?

  3. Amanda,
    We are actually using the exact books I learned from, as in all my stickers and my siblings' stickers are on the pages. :) Just because we have it. It is the Bastien books. They are fine. I don't they are used much anymore, however. I'm curious about the "Celebrate Piano" series and the "Faber and Faber" series. You might check those out. I might too. Let me know if you find something you like!

  4. Nanette10:34 PM

    I've heard good things about the Faber series, but never tried them. I know Jenni Powell uses Piano Adventures by Faber. I've recently used the Alfred's Premier Piano Course (different from the Alfred's Basic Course). I like it a lot - it promotes moving around the piano early on, I think similar to what Faber does.