May 6, 2012

A Good Day.

Near the end of our Saturday, I looked back and realized what a full (as in fun and rewarding) day it had been.  It began with apple baked oatmeal.  Good start.  Next was our neighborhood garage sales.  We didn't sell anything, so I spent a couple of hours driving around looking.  Best find...a tub of Lincoln Logs for $1.  Sheer joy from the girls.

Aliza enjoys them too.  Well, she pretty much enjoys whatever it is that the big girls are doing. :)

Just had to include this.

Also made my first trip to the Farmer's Market and Horticulture Services Store and returned home with:
strawberry plants,
4 Roma tomatoes,
and 2 heirloom tomato varieties (Cherokee Purple and German Johnson).

Had salads for lunch with some local cheese from the Farmer's Market.
Someday she will laugh about the mullet.

Got lost in the girls' World of Knowledge Encyclopedia, as Nate, Joanna, and I recalled the glory of the full moon the last couple of nights and attempted to remember what exactly we we've been seeing and why.

 Put the knees to the earth, which always does wonders for my heart.  Something about dirt, sun, and water coming together, yielding life sustenance makes me worship God.

Some good snuggle time with my big girls after baths, while Malia read to us.

Life-giving day.


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  2. Oh my goodness. That does sound like a good day indeed! That last picture is so precious. They will definitely treasure that someday! =) Great finds at the farmers market and sales too!

  3. Thank you for sharing the peace, joy, and contentment with us! <3

  4. So glad it was a good day. Special talks with my daughter and son and their families were highlighted my day. Something about connecting even when we are all spread out, makes me so happy! Love seeing how God is using them to touch reminds me of those arrows that Psalms talks about. (127:3-5) Rejoicing with you!

  5. I love everything about this post! So glad we get to live life with your family--you are inspiring for me to be around!