May 19, 2012

New Life and Possible Death?

Look what we found in on of the flower baskets on our front porch.
Take a closer look...
Aren't they pretty?
Does anyone know what kind of bird eggs they are?
The next time we looked after this photo, there were 4.
The mom is a bit skiddish and flies off whenever we open the front door.
Do you think my flowers AND these birds can survive?  Hope so!  I just plan to keep watering around it!

Do you think this River Birch can survive?
Argh with the trees.  The others look good, but this one is planted in clay-like dirt.
We are watering quite a bit, long and slowly.  We thought we may even be overwatering.
But alas, Nate went to the Horticulture store where we bought it today and they said it needs more water.
Water the dickens out of it, she said.  But she didn't act too worried about it.
She said that it is doing this to save on water and that they will grow back either this season or next.
So we hope...
but it is under warranty for a year. :)

My little Horse and Red Riding Hood.
From a recent Garage Sale.

Does anyone else watch the show "Once Upon a Time?"
If so, then you know why this outfit is a little weirder to me now. :)
But she still looks pretty cute in it.

Happy Saturday!


  1. What beautiful eggs! They are multicolored!
    Great dress-up that it's not princesses!

  2. I think they are sparrow eggs! What a beautiful reminder that "His eye is on the sparrow" even right in your front yard! :)