Jun 14, 2012

Decor Projects

 When we moved into our house a year and a half ago, I put a few things on the wall, but left a large amount of living area wall space empty.  Sometimes I just really want to decorate it all!  Other times, I find myself enjoying the freedom to wait for the right item or inspiration to come along.  It's been fun to find random things and think Oh, I have a space for that!

I've had a few things accumulating over the last few months that fit that description and I decided it was time to finish them up.

This one was easy.  Just clean it up and hang!

My parents came to visit on Sunday and left me with this chalkboard from my Great Aunt Ruth.  I loved it immediately, but wasn't sure where I would put it.  My first thought was downstairs in the school area.  But chalk over carpet didn't seem appealing to me.  But this space, here by the comings and goings from our garage/mud room to the living area, was a great fit! It is perfect for leaving messages or Scripture I want to be reminding myself of through the day.

Actually, the first day I had it hung up and Nate was getting ready for work, I kept hearing him mumbling haste makes waste, haste makes waste.  :)  He said, "Man that thing is in a good spot.  I keep seeing it in my most hurried state of the day."

I also plan to find some hand-me-down or thrifted needpoint pieces to put beside this in the empty space.

Okay, "Decor Projects" just became "Decor Project".  Stay tuned.  My littlest is yelling from her crib.

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