Jun 11, 2012

Eerily Close

 Malia came down after her quiet time and told me that she saw our neighbor cutting his wheat.  Well you better believe we were on that one.  We watched and watched for awhile until we decided we wanted to get a bit closer.

So across the road and up the embankment we climbed, the 2 of us, until we had ourselves perched in a little hiding place under a tree, almost ground level.  We were about 6 feet from the field.

See progression below...

We were so close that all the hay dust, or whatever you call it, blew over our clothes and into our hair, which Malia thought was amazing.

Only later, when Nate came home and I recounted the adventure of it all, did I stop to think that that farmer may not have appreciated our decision to perch ourselves near his field.  Even though I was comfortable, that farmer, if he saw us, may not have known my daughter or how much time it actually would have taken to climb the last bit up the embankment, and pass through the trees and tall grass to his field.  Perhaps it scared him, behind the wheel of his big rig to see us sitting there so close!  So, now I feel kind of bad and am wondering if I should go apologize to him.  Maybe I will.

But it was totally fun and Malia loved getting up close to see the action.

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  1. What a story....love those big machines and the excitement of wheat harvest. I think he would understand a Mom getting her daughter close to the event.