Jun 27, 2012

Green Bean Club

Oh my goodness.
I went and picked our first green beans a couple of nights ago.
The next day for lunch, I stemmed them.
That's when the scent wafted across my nose and I was instantly 10 years old again.
Oh, green beans.  You smell just like my childhood summers!
I remember being in the "green bean club", where one wore a green bean on their shirt and sat around stemming until the brown grocery bag was empty.
I so disliked the green bean club, and was so put out that my Mom made us do what she and her siblings did when they were younger.  But for some odd reason, I find myself sitting here giddy about starting one in this home. :)


  1. tessarh8:18 AM

    we also had a green bean club at our house - though we all made "T's" with 2 green beans. oh memories!

  2. We've "harvested" our first green beans too. SO yummy. Wish we had more, but it's going to be a small crop this year. Yet worth celebrating!

  3. Well, I didn't have to wear a green bean on my shirt... but, I do remember helping grandma work through her brown bag of green beans when I was little. Why didn't I get my grandpa's green thumb, I wonder?