Jun 9, 2012

New Potatoes

Bought these tiny guys (they were smaller than they seem in the picture...wide angle lens) this morning while at the Farmer's Market.  I remember enjoying potatoes from my Grandma's garden, and I always hear that the smaller, early ones are the best.  The vendor reinforced such belief.

I tried this cooking method at lunch and there were many happy food sounds.  Grunts, yums, uuuummms, and the like.  There definitely is a different texture to these little guys.  Smoother.  Less starchy maybe?  Not quite sure how to put it.  Definitely a step up from the typical potato (which I happen to enjoy quite a bit, by the way.)

We didn't have any fresh herbs that fit, so I just used dried dill.  Winner!


  1. I LOVE freshly dug new potatoes! You're right...they are different than their larger, older siblings.

  2. These are an addiction at our house too! I would say they are creamier? Anyway, they are yummy and I especially enjoy them with olive oil, course salt and rosemary. Now I want some. LOL