Jun 3, 2012

Sycamore Springs

 It was a whirl-wind day yesterday as my sweet cousin got married at Sycamore Springs in Sabetha!

So we were out at these campgrounds for most of the day with the little ones...

 and their cousins...

and their second-cousins too. :)

Highlight for the kids...their first roller-skating experience.
Now, I have countless memories of roller skating with my siblings in our basement.  A few in rinks, including this one at Sycamore Springs, but mostly in our basement.  I think they had the same skates from when we were little.

Imagine seven kids 6 and under trying to roller skate for the first time.  I think they thought they would just get out there and roll!  There were tears and and a meltdown that incurred for about the first five minutes...and another one later on.  But for the most part, with some encouragement and hand holding for the littlest, they were so proud!!

It was pretty hilarious to watch, because it was mostly flailing bodies, feet in the air and butts on the floor.  But once they realized everyone was falling, much laughter arose in the rink and even the kids thought it was pretty funny!
Do you like my styling socks? 

The look of concentration...

keeping those knees bent...

This one was doing pretty good by the end of the time!
It was a good lesson in perseverance.

Daddy and Aliza hung out in the cafe area.

 My sister and I were totally as excited as our kids, thinking we would go right back to our pretend single sow-cows, skating backwards, and looking awesome.  Let's just say I was slightly humbled. :)  But we still had a blast.

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  1. You Sapps are a cute bunch. I'm sad we missed the skating but so happy I got to see you all for the short time I did.