Jul 10, 2012

All Here.

Summer's activities easily make me feel pushed and pulled in different directions.  Hanging out with neighbors and friends, getting on the road to go visiting, more kids activities, etc.  I love it all but sometimes find myself not present.  Thinking, worrying, planning ahead, but missing all the joys of each day.  Summer is so cool!  Well, not actually cool.  But you know what I mean.  A mud room wet with swimsuits, the scent of cilantro on my fingers, the repetition of Alfred's Premiere Piano pieces being rocked out in our living room...these are good days.

In the midst of the activity, we are trying to remind ourselves (because we need it!) to be all here.  That doesn't meant that I'm not planning ahead at all, but enjoying what is before me is key to understanding God's goodness.

Here we have a swimsuit clad reader laying on top of a paint tarp on a bench in the mud room.  Totally normal right?  I can't remember when I found her here, but I grabbed the camera.

Swimsuits are for more than just swimming these days.

Even in the summer, I can't stop baking cookies.

Just had to include a picture of how big this girl is looking.

These are good days.  Lord help me have eyes to see well.

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  1. Nanette11:32 PM

    Yes, Erika, they ARE GOOD DAYS! I miss them days in many ways. But it's fun to relive some of it through our children's children.