Aug 3, 2012

2 things.

#1 has, at any given moment in the last 2 days, probably been found doing one of two things:

1: reading
(she received a stack of 11 condensed classics 3 days ago, and has sense completed these 3)

or 2: sewing
(she got this as her latest prize in piano lessons)
 She's been making up and singing songs about how much she loves to sew.
Hello, I love it.
She is my daughter.

 The others have followed suit.
 Don't leave this girl out.  She can hang in there with the rest of them.

Love that this one's always wanting to make people laugh.

 We did get in a letter to the girls' cousins today.
Knowing that they love knock-knock jokes, Malia and Josie thought it appropriate to send them some that they learned from their library book.

Who's there?
Beets who?
Beets me.  I forgot my name.

Listen to Josie tell that one and try not to laugh.

And we also got in a game of Uno Attack, which was entertaining.

But mostly, reading and sewing.

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