Aug 20, 2012

Hello Apples

Between our picking last week and some more that my parents picked for us, our counters were overflowing with apples yesterday. 

My sweet husband helped me slice about half of these puppies, which yielded two big pots....full, not like in the picture.

And my parents loaned me their food mill, which was the subject of much fascination during and after setting it up.

Everyone (but little Squirt) got involved.  Well, she was held so she could watch much of the time.

She got in on the tasting.
It turned out pretty good.  It could have used some sweetener, but I don't like to add sugar to applesauce, so I'm hoping that it will be sweet enough that the girls will eat it as it is!

Half of those apples yielded 16 quart-sized jars, which I think will be enough for us!  Does anyone need some apples??

Nate and I canned into the evening over a couple of games of Dominion.  And I went to sleep hearing the lids popping as they sealed.

This is our pantry after the summer.  A good amount of marinara sauce, some diced tomatoes, salsa, dilly beans, bread and butter pickles, dill slices and spears, and the applesauce.  Since we designed our home with food preservation in mind, it makes me happy to see those little jars lining the shelves.

This summer was great in my learning curve of garden knowledge.  I learned a lot about broccoli, potatoes, green beans, and carrots.

I know that I won't be doing carrots next year.
I know that I will plant broccoli either much earlier or from a plant so that it is ready before it is hot.
I know that I will do a few more potatoes and a lot more green beans.
I will do a few more tomatoes.
I will keep doing cucumbers.
I missed our zucchini mound, so I will bring that back.
I learned that those hanging-upside-down planters didn't work very well for me.
Everyone, especially Nate, would love to add a strawberry patch.

We definitely want to expand our garden space.  Well... I am certain.  Nate, not so sure.  Much of the beginning grunt work falls on him. :(  Love that guy and how he gets on board with these gardening dreams.

We shall see.  But, I am learning, nonetheless.

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