Aug 16, 2012

Oh the Lord's been good to me...

...and so I thank the Lord
for giving me the things I need; 
the sun and the rain

and the appleseed.

The Lord's been good to me.

Does anyone else know that little tune?
Or did I just confuse people?

We were totally feeling that song today, as we put on comfy pants, opened windows, and enjoyed cooler temperatures.  The sun was beautiful this morning.  The air was cooler having a few rains in recent history.

And we went down the street and picked our neighbor's apples with friends!

Grown-ups, babies, kids, and grown-up/kids.  It was a flurry of apple picking.

So proud of their accomplishment.

Enjoying the fruits of their labor.
Malia said "They're really sour.  I love these!"

We'll see what kind of applesauce they make.
But they were free and they will sustain us!  Can't turn that down.

 Following the picking in the park a few yards away, little hands grasped apples all the while running laps, holding on to swing chains, and Ring-Around-the-Rosie-ing.
Precious commodities, those apples!

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