Aug 29, 2012

The First Few Days

Some peeks around the house of school time over the first few days:


We went to watch the rain come in last week at the Overlook.

Soon to be upon us...

Here it comes!

And dash back to the van in the rain.

After feeling divided in my attention and cranky during each morning school time last week, I have decided to switch up the flow a bit and do most of their school time post lunch to about 2:00.
This has been working much better, as a well fed Aliza = a happy, less needy Aliza = less interrupted school time = a happier Mama.
Can you tell I've been thinking about Math, lately? :)

This "rhythm" seems to be a much happier fit for our family.  Maybe I'll post that one eventually.

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  1. Oh my goodness, little Aliza's face in some of those pics! Adorable.