Aug 1, 2012

The Old Man is Snoring.

We love you.
PLEASE don't stay away long.
Come back soon.

With Nate gone for a few days, the rain set just the perfect mood for us girls left behind.
The perfect reason to lay low and enjoy each other.

Look at those little fingers learning their form!  She's about to finish her first set of books.

Making some "Olympic" flags...

and "Olympic" rings.

Doesn't her look say "Hmmmmm...what shall I draw?"
Really, I just try to keep the crayon out of her mouth.

When I heard it pitter-pattering, I was so glad I had popped some bread in the machine earlier.
That scent never gets old!

Let's open the window and listen.
Ahhhh, that lovely sound.  How I've missed thee.

Shoot, why not just play in it?

Thank you Creator and Sustainer for the rainy (hour this) morning.
The Sapp girls loved it.

1 comment:

  1. Love it! Looks like you all had a wonderful day!