Aug 11, 2012

Two Hands

That's how many it takes now to count my eldest daughters age.
How did this happen?
She is one third of the way through her time in our third!
Oh, my sweet, creative, sensitive Malia.  You are a gift to our family.

She woke up Thursday morning to our gift to her.
Who knew getting walkie-talkies was so difficult?  Not too many great reviews out there.
Surprisingly, the Hello Kitty ones were deemed the most reliable.

She was also told that she was going to get her hair cut that day after lunch.
Oh the joys!

It's inspiring me.  I want to chop mine off.

(This pretty girl wanted to take a picture of her hair too. :)

THEN: dah dah dah...Malia had her very first sleep over.
I'm sure having three girls, we will become oh-so-familiar with hosting this type of event.
Pizza, watermelon, and ice cream sandwiches for dinner.

Some romping around outdoors.

There was also some "The Sound of Music" watching in pjs.

Meanwhile, I am sewing like a mad woman trying to get each special pillowcase finished before lights go out.
Jason was my sewing buddy the whole time I worked on his.

Bedtime went about as we expected for such a young sleepover.
Two kiddos ended up in their own beds down the street, and one made it all the way through the night!
Breakfast followed for the one who stayed and the one who walked back over in the morning. :)

And today, Malia's awesome grandparents came to have her requested lunch: Beirocks, Peaches, and a Horse Cake.  We added a veggie tray and called it good!

Making a cake first thing in the morning with my helpers.

Thankfully, Malia was excited about a "build your own" style of Horse Cake. :)

Have I mentioned how lucky our kids are to have the four grandparents they do?
I mean, seriously lucky.  Being with them is always fun, refreshing, and memorable.

Lizy enjoying her sister's gift.

Gotta love the Angry Birds.
Its the Babu special treat.

And a hot  invigorating game of baseball with the new gift.

Thanks friends and family for celebrating Malia the last few days. She is a lucky girl and loves you all a lot!
(Even if she won't say it to your face.:)


  1. special pillowcases! I'm impressed!!!

  2. Such a fun post! Do you guys call Aliza "Lizy" now? I like it. Hannah had so much fun at the party. But I can't believe you worked on finishing the pillow cases during the evening's events! Amazing! I love Hannah's face in the pillow picture. Those were such sweet gifts. Malia is such a precious (and brilliant) growing girl. Glad she had a joy-filled birthday!