Sep 30, 2012

A Community Affair

Someone must have deemed it "community yard work day" yesterday in our part of the neighborhood.  Us, our neighbors who as you can see were laying sod, and some across the street neighbors all were out working, kids running amuck.
The little people roamed and participated here and there.

We dug up our current garden space to "landscape" the back and south side of our house.  When I say "landscape" I mean that it is finished off nicely.  Really, it will just be bigger garden space. :)  See how much it grew here?  That curved line marks where the edging will be placed.

And this side?....more garden space.
If you knew how excited this makes me, you might think I'm a bit strange.
The puzzle of figuring out how to maximize our "city" lot to get ample space to grow things and ample room for kids to run, makes me so excited!

Two good garden spaces that won't take away much space from the yard.

 They are not finished yet, but we have much of the grass up and the edging in.

The basil was the last thing in our garden so out it came and made into pesto.

I don't know what it is, but something about working with the earth, growing things, getting messy, and bringing kids/community into that process just puts me in a happy mood.
Not that it was easy and calm all day!  It was busy and I wasn't always in the great mood.
But there is something about it.  I feel less distracted, more in tune to his Creation, and am so reminded of how brilliant He is and what an amazing system He made to sustain us.

And His brilliance and care extends beyond this system of physical sustenance, into how he sustains our souls!  The images of seasons and cultivating stir up qualities of God that move me to worship Him!

I LOVE that He built spiritual parallels into this physical world He created.
Anyway...yesterday I felt in awe and very grateful.

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  1. Ohhh your pesto is my favorite!! I am glad they could come over and help you! So fun!