Sep 27, 2012

Art and Spelling

Yesterday was calling for an art project.
It had been awhile.
And it was raining.
So in the afternoon after all the nap/quiet times, we painted.
I think this technique may be called "resist" painting???
Or something like that.  I really don't know much about art.

Start with an outline placed on top of your paper.

Paint over the whole paper.

Once dry, take off the outline.

Fill in with any detail you like!

And today's Spelling.....letter punches.
Oh thank you garage sales.

This was really a Spelling/Science/Art project all wrapped up into one.
Malia's spelling words are taken from her Science book.
A great way to not only learn to spell, but also recall from memory the things she is learning elsewhere. ;)
The background paper was held on to from an earlier painting day.
They make great backgrounds or layers for future art projects.

Go Josie.  Learning to sound out those words.

Now off to make dinner for some college students.
Since its the closest Thursday to a rainy day as of late, we are going with Meatball and Veggie Soup.


  1. Terri H4:12 PM

    Fun spelling! What are you using for science?

  2. Terri,
    At the used curriculum fair I just bought a Harcourt Science book for Grade 1. It has fun projects included in each chapter. Today we made insects out of foam balls. What do you use? I'm always curious what others are doing. :)

  3. Terri H8:31 PM

    I bought Sonlight Science. It's lot of reading together and discussion, some pages to do, and a project each week. I like it. :) See you tomorrow.

  4. Oh meatball and veggie soup...can you mail some to me? :)