Sep 7, 2012

Our School's Name

This is the one room schoolhouse that my Mom when to until she was in 6th grade.
My Mom!  Can you believe it??
And she actually walked both ways.  (Probably uphill in only one direction. :)
She remembers what it smells like inside, having hour long recesses outside (which involved ice skating on the pond across the road), and sitting on the front steps or going down to the basement to open her lunch pail and eat.

For better or for worse, they don't make playground equipment like this anymore: 
Since my grandparents lived right down the road from this school, I have many memories of coming here to play.  Talk about fun playground equipment.
This was the best. slide. ever.
You get some air under your behind over that hump.

Before all the adults were even off the hayrack upon arrival, we turned around and saw a line of children climbing up this precarious structure.
It took some time for the kids, and the supervising adults, to get comfortable with this slide. :)

After some playtime and some food, it was back up on the hayrack and back to my brother's house (which is about a mile back in the distance of this picture).

My Dad's Dad rode with us.
It is his tractor that my brother is driving.
Well, the one he used many years ago and has now been restored. 

Ah yes!  This post was supposed to be our school's name.  I have had such a hard time pinning down a name for our school.  In Kansas, home schoolers basically start their own private school, which they get to name.

Up above you can see the name "Excelsior" printed on a sign on the face of the schoolhouse.  I think that would be a pretty sweet name for our school.

Excelsior Academy?
Excelsior School?

Not sure about the rest of it.  Something official sounding.

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