Oct 16, 2012

As of late...

We had an afternoon of pumpkin painting!  This is the first year we did the painting thing.
Notice Nate's still sits there, orange.  He was watching Lizy the whole time we painted.
Sorry honey!

The Mums are open!  I just transplanted these in the spring as tiny things.
I did not know they would grow into huge bushes.  So pretty!

We moved spelling outside, thanks to the great temperatures we've been having.

Mixed up with a little hop-scotch.

And we've been making these little owls from toilet paper tubes.
Mom and Dad, Mom-in-law and Dad-in-law...these may come with Thanksgiving as place setting name tags.

Life has been full lately.
Busy...but I am remembering that it is full in a good way.
Love shepherding these children as they grow up and experience life.

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  1. Nanette12:26 PM

    RE: that picture of Aliza during the spelling lesson, where you just see her mouth -- I know we all say she's a little Nate, but I looked at that picture and said "That's Erika's mouth!"