Oct 6, 2012

Sapp Family Portraits

Which family one should I put on our wall?

 This one would need a face transplant for Malia.
Nate can do that. :)

I think these are the three we have picked for the girls.

And one of these for the girls together:
Which do you think?
I lean towards the first one.  But I like the candid-ness of the second. :)

Any votes?  Feedback?
Priscilla and Mom, and I email you any of these files if you would like them!


  1. I love them all. Can you put them in dropbox and then I can download? It makes it easier and I think Nate knows about dropbox. What special pictures!!! You don't have to give me a Christmas present now! :-)

  2. Oh my goodness. I love them all. My vote for the family one is the second one because all of you are (will be) looking and my vote for the girls is the first one! I can't believe how big the girls, especially Malia looks in their pictures! Also, may I pleeease have one of each of these?? :) Ok, maybe not each, but one of the girls and one of the family.

  3. Nanette9:50 AM

    So late in my opinion, you probably made your choices by now. I like family picture #3 (after Nate's fix-it job), and girls #1. Yes, please, could you send me all the files?