Nov 5, 2012

Knitting in Arkansas

We were in Arkansas this weekend for Nate's first-cousin-once-removed's wedding.
It was super fun and so special to be with this side of his family.  I hadn't seen many of them since we were first married.  They are wonderful!

This girl, Nate's cousin, Grace, is Malia's new superhero.
I mean, she LOVES her.
She cried much of the way home from the wedding because she knew she wouldn't see her in a long time.
(We are trying to convince her to come to K-State. :)

Anyway, Nate had asked Grace beforehand if she might be willing to do a little beginner's knitting project with Malia. She has been begging to take 4-H to learn to knit (among other things).
She's been reading a book about knitting for 2 weeks solid.
She knew that Nate had planned this project, and all week long it was:
"I can't wait to meet Grace."  "When will I see Grace?"  "I want to go knit with Grace!"

Finally the big day (the wedding day/knitting day)arrived.
Grace had kindly prepared her a little project bag complete with needles and yarn.
Here she is working on her first row.

Knitting buddies.
 Malia knitted all day.
She knitted at the wedding.
She knitted in the van after the wedding.
She knitted the next day on our drive home to Manhattan.
She knitted today.
She's about 20 rows or so in.
It looks a lot like swiss cheese, since Grace hasn't been around to help, but I love it!
And she assured Malia that it is okay to keep going if she makes mistakes.
My kind of project.

It was also a great time with Nate's parents.
If ever we are with them, we must have Babu's pancakes!
We added some Bern sausage this time.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the bride and groom. :(
It really is unfortunate, because they are a lovely couple, and it was so special to spend the day with them.
Congrats Stephen and Holly!

Thanks Jon and Priscilla, for making the time special!  The Sapp 5 sure love you!


  1. His family transmits joy.

  2. Gorgeous. You should check out the Never not knitting blog. The author, Alana Dakos, has just published a childrens book called Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf; about a little girl learning to knit.

  3. Our neighbor across the street (the lady Hannah asked to go play with) is an AMAZING knitter. She enjoys sharing her skill with people and loves little neighbor kids. Maybe she would like to meet Malia and help her out if she needs it sometime.