Nov 1, 2012

More of the normal...

This was my (to-fold) laundry pile the other day.
Notice it spans two large laundry baskets.
I think there was more in the dryer in addition to this.
I almost always have something sitting in the dryer.
I dislike folding laundry very much!

Wednesday morning when I go to Bible Study,
Nate and the girls have a laundry folding party.
Let me tell you how much I appreciate this.  They are awesome!

Some recent school time.

Another position I found Malia reading in...

 And miss funny girl.
We have a couple of hams in the Sapp bunch (#2 and #3).

1 comment:

  1. I also dislike folding laundry very much! I'm glad you have some help with that. And I love Malia's "reading pose"!