Nov 25, 2012

Stuffing, Goats, and Crafts

We returned home yesterday morning from a round trip seeing both sets of our parents.
Nate and I always feel so blessed to be a part of two loving families.

Gogo and Babu getting the dinner ready.

Though it was Thanksgiving, the girls were totally into Gogo's Resurrection Eggs.
Never a bad time to think about Jesus's resurrection. :)

And on to Bern to see my family.  Craft time.
(The girls' cousins were gone on Friday, and Malia and Josie spent a good portion of the morning with Grandma in her craft room.)

Always a hit.  This time we discovered that if it is a really fast, bumpy, crazy ride you are after, Grandma is the driver to ask.  She can rip-roar this thing around.

My brother's family got some miniature goats.
These little guys are full grown, just small.
He built a cage and platform for them to climb on.
They are mostly for Kenton, my nephew, to have some "chores" to do.  So cute!

And here at home yesterday we did some Christmas decorating, which is essentially just a tree and stockings. :)
We watched a little White Christmas...

and had some cider in the crockpot all afternoon/evening.

Though I am glad there is a holiday that reminds us to be thankful, I pray gratitude becomes a central attitude of our home year round.  That our times to be grateful go beyond thankful activities (which we did :) but permeate the every day.  We have much to remember and be grateful for.


  1. I love that your stocking is the one from the Kearney house. Miss you all. Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. We watched White Christmas (twice) this weekend too. To watch it again is now Hudson's motivation & reward for special things. Such a fun way to start off the holiday festivities.