Dec 6, 2012

So Proud.

It took a minute or so for it to register in my brain that Aliza had been calling "Poop in potty!  Poop in potty!  Poop in potty!" over and over again from the hallway.
You want to poop in the potty?  Well, okay.  Sure, I'll set you on.
So I put her on the chair and told her that if she went pee or poop in the potty, she would get a snack.
Then I left.
10 minutes later, there is poop in the potty!

Her sisters were so proud and cheered her on!

There have been a few tries and not a drop of pee in the potty since.
I think it will be awhile before she is really potty trained.
But we are celebrating the baby-steps!


  1. Way to go Aliza!! Love how she is chewing on her tongue! Isn't it fun when they want to potty in the potty!

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