Dec 29, 2012


I know Winter gets a bad rep, but I so enjoy each season.
Of course there are things that I don't like about each of them...
well, okay, not much to complain about in Spring and Fall.
But Winter has so many benefits.

I time to hunker down and stay warm.  Sleep more. (at least we tend to do that with the increase in dark hours).  Time with extended family.  A different kind of play.  A different kind of work. (no more gardening and preserving.  Now we just eat from the stored up goodness).  More blankets and sweatshirts.  Baked goodness.  Craftiness all around me.  Here is a glimpse of our days, post-snow:

A tub of legos can do wonders with a small crowd. :)

In this busy time, I keep reminding myself that it is privilege to be a servant of the King,
and a joy to have people that I care for and work for.
When I can settle in there, I find that sacrifice and activity are remarkably pleasant!
Hope you are seeing all you have to be grateful for this holiday season.

Pictures of our Christmas time to come soon.

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