Jan 16, 2013

Bus Cake.

Aliza awoke to a family eager to celebrate her!
Some blueberry pancakes for breakfast....
She loved seeing that garland she helped to make hanging up in the window!

We see at least 4-5 school buses drive by the gravel road behind our house every day.
We hear Aliza yell "BUS! BUS!"  often, as she climbs up in the window seat to watch it go by.

So, a bus cake became the idea.

She said it was "nummy". :)

 Throughout the day, she also got to play at a friends house while Mommy taught Josie's preschool, open gifts, eat at Wendy's for dinner, and open more presents in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa.

She caught on that it was as special day and wanted to sing "Happy Birthday" over and over. 

Love this girl!


  1. So cute. :) Happy happy birthday Aliza Belle! Most precious part of the video was when Jos ran up and said, "You're two Aliza Belle, you're two!" So cute. Love you guys!

  2. Happy Birthday, Aliza! What fun to see your family celebrate with you!

  3. Such a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday! Love this celebration. Happy birthday, Aliza!