Jan 2, 2013

Christmas Rounds

First Christmas stop: Bern.
These are my parents and sister and brothers and their families.
Since the school we grew up in closed this summer, my parents got us all Bern High School tee-shirts.
Here we were having a little Christmas celebration in my grandparents' (whom have passed away) house, which was really special.  My kids loved romping around in the "attic" bedroom in the upper part of the house, just like we did when we were kids.
My uncle still owns the home, which is how we were able to gather there.
Since you may have noticed in the photo (and I don't think I've mentioned here yet),
my belly is expanding with Sappling #4, coming in June!  We are so, so thrilled!

All the grandkids minus Aliza.  And the 2 in utero.

Next stop: back home in Manhappiness.
Just for shortly under 24 hours.
The pillowcase the big girls (with some help) made for Daddy.

The girls got a microscope for Christmas.
Malia is keeping a growing list of "things to look at" with the microscope.

Last stop: Topeka.
We got to be here on Christmas day, which was special!

 We are so thankful to be able to make the rounds and be with family for Christmas!
Thank you Mom and Dad and Jon and Priscilla for all of your hard work and planning!


  1. Awww...congratulations!! See you at co-op next week. :)

  2. Love the memories of time together!