Jan 8, 2013

More Winter Goodness.

The painted rocks were from a previous school project.
They made some great buttons.

This turned into....
this.  I love my pasta maker.
Who is this grown up looking girl who will be a big sister in June?

Beginning the new year!
I do actually spend a lot of time wrapped up in blankets. :)

As opposed to my kids who seem to be quite comfortable in their underwear.
Sorry if this is indecent.  I just couldn't not post it.
Puzzles are serious work.

Two members of the "marching band" we had at our house this morning.
The other two girls didn't get in the photo, but they did march!


  1. Nanette8:59 PM

    Fun fun times! OK, I have to say, the picture of Josie in her stocking hat looks like me. Maybe you have been right all along.

  2. And Aliza looks so much like Nate....except for her chin. I just can't believe it! Looks like fun times at your house.