Feb 14, 2013


Sooo, we didn't really make any Valentines this year.  Woops!
The holiday snuck up on us, and since Malia doesn't go to public school, there wasn't really any pressure.

So when Valentines Day was announced this morning, the girls quickly decided that now was the time to make valentines.  So I set out the stuff and just let them do whatever.

I like this kind of crafting...
letting their little hands create whatever it is their little brains come up with.
No 10-step tutorials here.  That seems to bring unmerited stress...mine and theirs.
Just let them be, and they'll be happy.  And me too. :)

We did a seasons review for Science.

AND.....da da-da da.....I don't think I've mentioned the upcoming trip Nate and I have planned in April....
We have purchased tickets and are in the processes of getting our visas to go visit his sister's family in Central Asia!!  We will be with them for about a week, but will be gone/in transit for about 12 days.  Can I tell you how excited I am?  VERY.

Now remember, I will be about 30-32 weeks pregnant at this time.  Ha!  I will be quite the sight, lapping that airplane every hour.  Once we are with their family, we will be several hours/days from a good hospital, so if you don't praying that that little boy would stay put, we would greatly appreciate it!

In the meantime, until April, the family has set out a little box to collect drawings and things the girls want to send along to their cousins.  (They are not going, by the way.  Though I would love for them to have that experience, I am praising the Lord that the 2 days of travel, one direction, will be sans children.  Someday.  But not this trip.)  Hopefully we'll have a good number of little treasures in that box by the time we take off. :)

Thus ends this morning's household activities.
Now on to cook for some hungry college students.

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  1. For some reason I thought you guys were going to Africa, still going to see J and A, so cool!