Feb 28, 2013

Let's talk Fats.

You have often heard me refer to the fact that we are not afraid of lard or butter in this family.
It's not that we're simply not afraid of it, it's that we have learned why our bodies actually benefit from these very fats.

If it interests you at all to hear more about how saturated fats and high-cholesterol foods are not really as evil as they've been declared, here is a link to an interesting article.

Better yet, if you want a longer read, I would suggest the book "Nourishing Traditions".

Has our family thrown out every cheap/bad fat from the house?  Heck no.  We are not purists in our approach to nutrition.  Sometimes, Taco Bell calls our name.  Sometimes, the budget overrides the nutrition factor.  Sometimes, valuing the people we are with trumps how/what we eat, because as Nate likes to remind our family: "People are more important than_________."  Fill in the blank with "food". "toys". "doing what you want."  You get the idea.  He is wise man, that Hubby of mine.

But slowly over the last few years, we have found pretty simple ways to change some eating habits.  And I hope this inspires you too!

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  1. Just wanted to say that I so enjoy your blog, even though I never comment! I have heard several people recommend Nourishing Traditions. Reading about it again here finally prompted me to order it! I'm looking forward to learning more! I love that wisdom, people are more important than _____. What a good reminder. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Excited for you to welcome a little boy into your family!! :)