Mar 5, 2013

At Home.

The girls and I have spent lots of time at home since last Tuesday, when their doctor told us that on top of Malia and Josie's growing eczema, they were dealing with Scabies.  I didn't even know what Scabies was until then.  It's kind of like head lice, in the skin.  But a little easier to get rid of.  And of course, they didn't get to be around other people for awhile.  Thankfully, we have not seen any symptoms on the rest of the family, even Aliza who lives pretty closely to these two.

We are now Scabies free.  However, Malia's skin reacted to the medicine used for Scabies.  So now, her eczema is much worse than before the Scabies happened.  Her doctor told me it was one of the top 3 cases he's ever seen.  So, we have had a heart-wrenching week around here listening to crying and wailing as creams are applied or she wakes up itching in the night.

As of yesterday, we are on some serious Eczema medicine, and we are hopeful that this will help us get her (and Josie's, which is much less severe) back under control.  After that, we will probably begin to consider if there is anything we can do (other than use good moisturizers) to help them with their skin.  But for now, we are healing.

What do you do while you are at home for several days?

1) Watch the new construction happening across the street and talk about who might live there someday!
Aliza's first announcement when either of us comes home lately is "white digger gone!" or "yellow digger working!"

 2) Make Juice Pops to illustrate a change in the state of matter.

3) Since we had little company, time not spent tending to the little ones was given to more projects.
I made a pillowcase for Aliza that will match her sisters when she moves into the big girl room.

And I used some leftover fabric from the quilt plus 1/4 yard of new fabric to make these fabric covered wall-hangings for the little guy's room.

First I cut out the picture I wanted and adhered it to the larger fabric using Heat 'n Bond.

I sewed a little red border around it.

I covered the canvases with gray fabric, using staples in the back.

Then using Heat 'n Bond again, I adhered the the bigger square to the gray canvas.

I sewed on some buttons just for fun on each one.

I also finished a crib skirt using two old sheets.  It's just plain white, nothing exciting, so I didn't even bother taking any pictures.  There will be some when I can put the whole bedset together on the crib in a few months.

The girls have played a lot of "Ready, Set, Go", as they call it...where they just run from the dishwasher into the big girls' room and roll onto Josie's bed.

Malia has learned a LOT of piano songs.  She is really learning so much in that lately.  I love hearing her play!

I tried to maintain some school time too!

 That's what we did over the last week!


  1. Whew! What a week! LOVE the hangings for little boys' room!!

  2. I am so glad to hear He's carried you through! You haven't been far from my/our thoughts and prayers. We'll keep praying for full, itch free recovery!

    Love you!

  3. You are so crafty! I love the wall hangings. Sorry to hear about the girls. :( Miss you!