Mar 27, 2013


I went to a used Curriculum sale last weekend and came home with some fun activities for the girls.
On the deep freeze, we have been playing with these magnetic letter combinations.

These addition and subraction wrap-ups have been a great substitute for just doing math worksheets.
They girls have been taking them to their "quiet time".

And a couple of days ago....Josie learned how to finger knit from her friend Hannah.
She was so excited to learn a skill that Malia (or me, for that matter) has not learned yet.
Malia, always eager to learn how to make something, watched and was taught by Josie.
She now has her own chain, as well.
I still don't know how to do it. :)

In just 6 short days, Nate and I board a plane and fly to see his sister's family in Central Asia!
We are so busy dreaming and planning, running errands...all the busywork/anticipation that precedes making a big trip and seeing people that you dearly love!

I can't wait to see my friend and my nieces and nephews!

Please pray that the little guy in me stays put as we will be several hours/days from a hospital.


  1. Sounds great! We love Wrap-ups in this family! I agree, they are a great substitution for worksheets. And on super busy days I can hand the kids a Wrap-up and let them work themselves. Have fun overseas!

  2. Love seeing the finger-knitting!