Apr 19, 2013

Central Asia and Back.

Nate and I have been home and recovering from our 12 day trip to and from Central Asia for about 5 days.
What an incredible blessing it was to be with our family, to see their life up close, to meet their friends, and to just hear them share about their lives.  It was well worth every penny and every contraction on that bumpy 6 hour drive into their town. :)

Speaking of the drive into their town, we drove through these awesome mountains.  It was an amazing view! 
And by through, I mean, through....including a 20-minute, dark tunnel, complete with the bumps and rebar sticking out of the road in random places!  And a road without many side rails, as you look down off the edge into the vast depth beneath you.

But never fear, there were plenty of bushes, buildings, abandoned vehicles, and even some squatties to stop and go potty behind/in whenever needed.

We packed a lot of activity into our 5 days in their town.  It was so special to see their home, the places that they frequent, and meet the people that they have gotten to know.  This was a local bazaar where we bought some food items and a few goodies for kids back home.

The shocking find was this K-State shirt, that was actually hanging up on display here at this stand!  As my brother said..."So that's what happens to all those pre-printed shirts that display the wrong results."

This is in Ethan's school, where he is doing a great job and making friends.

We loved our time hanging out with the kiddos and getting to know their youngest two.  One, who was just a baby when they last left the states, and one who was born in Turkey and we had never met!

This is a local mosque.

Jenni and I went to a party for some new brides.  There was the customary spread of food on the rug on the floor.

Here we are going to visit their houseworker's family.

This area of town is the ancient part.  They told us from around 1,000-2,000 B.C.  You can see the mountains in the background and these structures up close are the remains of old homes.  People go there now to play, fly kites, and overlook the current town, as seen below.

It was such a gift to be able to make this trip!  Jenni and Austin, thank you for hosting us and adjusting your lives for us.  I loved talking home school with you, making trips to the bazaar, chatting after kids were in bed through my drooping eyelids, having my eyebrows threaded for the first time, getting our pedicure, going to your nan store, and meeting the people in your life.  A definite highlight for Nate was going into the village with Austin to see what his job looks like.

Sure love you 6!!!

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  1. I love everything about this post! So wonderful that you were able to go--we love that family, too!