Apr 25, 2013

Geography Lesson

When Nate and I first considered homeschooling, the idea of doing it communally, with friends, was something that got me really excited.  I love shared life and learning.  So when I got back from Central Asia and had several little treats to share, I saw the opportunity to invite some little friends into a geography lesson!  I think I may have had more fun than the kids. :)

Seven little kiddos (Malia and Josie included) were here on Monday morn.
We laid out a Central Asian "spread" of food and ate lunch together as they do, on the floor, using mostly fingers.

Chicken kabobs, naan (flatbread), fruit, raisins, nuts, and tea were what made up the meal.

Naan was a hit!

We took turns wearing headscarves that we brought home from Central Asia.

We made map puzzles.  (Well I had pre-drawn them, and they added some features and colored them in.)

And we shared our "snack" food that we brought home as well, which was fried in hot oil!  I was especially glad at this point to have my sweet friend, Brianna, here helping me!

 The main idea I was hoping to share with the kids is that God, in His creativity, made all kinds of people, some that live differently than we do.  He wants all of them to love Him and many in this part of the world do not.  So we can learn about them, love, and pray for them, hoping that more will come to know Him!


  1. Hope you don't mind that I pinned this onto my Pinterest account! Getting together a "intro to the world" lesson plan for Elijah. Love this.

  2. I LOVE this! Makes me feel so loved and known, both for my own sake and my kids' sake. Way to cast a great vision!

  3. Thank you, Erika for embracing the world and encouraging your children and their friends to taste, see, feel, experience other cultures, foods and ways. May God use this to expand their vision and create in them a heart for people wherever they are! This so glorifies our Father!

  4. I love to read and see every nice posts during my free time and this is one the best blog I've browsed so far. You just made my day!