May 6, 2013

Geography Lesson 2: Turkey

This morning I had the crew over for a second Geography Lesson, this one on Turkey.
I guess I still haven't posted pictures from that part of our trip.  Maybe that will come.

Our Turkish lunch menu was simple: Kumpir (basically a mashed and topped potato, except with a few different toppings than we Americans are used to), followed up with Waffles topped with Chocolate Sauce and Fruit!  This was my favorite street food I had in Istanbul.

Following lunch, the kids learned about the Hagia Sophia: a building in Istanbul, built first as a church under Constantine, then turned into a mosque when the Ottoman Empire overtook the city.  Now it is a museum.

Here is the real Haiga Sophia:

I let the kids build their own Hagia Sophia, using the picture as a guide.
It's hard to see in these pictures, but they did pretty good!
Pillow cushions served as the dome.

We even had an archway in front of the dome.

And towers (or minirets) on the corners.

Then outdoors.  First, the kids acted out a story from Acts 14, where Paul healed a lame man in Lystra (a city in what is now modern-day Turkey) and told the crowds that they were not Greek gods, but rather, men with a message about the one true God who created the world!

Then we colored a map of Turkey.

And played. :)

This is such a fun group of kids.  I just loved watching them run their hearts out and play together while their Mom's came to pick them up and chat.  Ages range from preschool - 4th grade, but they sure play together great!

Here are some other shots of things we've been up to lately:

We built shelves in the storage room!
This project has been on the list since we moved in.
We bought some labor at a Challenge Auction fundraiser, and had a few hands to help with the work.

Still plugging away at school, trying to finish the semester strong!

And lots and lots of outdoor play.  It's been fun to have neighborhood kids around, as it warms up and is staying light longer.  I have 3 little dandelion pickers, which is great help!

Also, in prep for the little guy (who we will officially begin to call Hunter :), we have made some big changes in sleeping arrangements over the last few days.  Pictures of that will follow soon.


  1. We needed to hire you for international week at Marlatt, you are wowing me with knowledge and creativity right now.

  2. Love the lessons from your trip! What fun! Those kids now probably know more about that part of the world than others their age. And the shelves look great! It was fun to see a Kate box from our Nairobi shipping company and some footlockers that have been to Africa and back. Made me smile at this international post...and even the hands that helped build did so that they could contribute to the teams headed overseas. What fun!

  3. Love it. Such creativity and makes me miss Istanbul. Not even 5 minutes ago Calvin asked me when we would get to go back there to live. Your post makes me miss turkish food. So good.