May 18, 2013

New Addition in the Big Girls' Room

There is an extra pillow on this bed. :)
In preparation for Hunter's arrival, Aliza has found her place in the "Big Girl" Room.

After some nudging of the furniture, some painting and bringing in or out of furniture from other rooms, some moved/adjusted/added artwork......Wahlaa!  It's the new Big Girls' Room.

The embroidery hoops from Aliza's room moved over, with some fresh fabric prints in them.  All from the stash downstairs.  Updated photos in the frame.

Aliza's dresser that I had painted for her birthday, is now here, and is Josie's. :)

Thankfully, Aliza is excited about her very own dresser in the closet.

Malia's dresser is the $10 garage sale purchase 9 years ago, pre-wedding.  It was brown and served as Nate's dresser for the first couple of our married years.  I left the handles, but painted the body white.

This is a new piece that came together from a thrift store frame, some sheets from Nate's Grandma, some acrylic paint, bias tape, and aida cloth, and 3 doilies made by my Mom.
I love how it's pieced together from different family members.

By the way, I just copied this picture I saw from pinterest.  Not sure how this person did it, but this is my own version.
wood frame, fabric flowers

Another sheet handed down to us from Nate's Grandma became curtains.
I love the big gingham on top!

And all of the girls' baby quilts are hanging up on the wall.  Although sometimes, Aliza's comes down to sleep with her, as she is still getting used to having a new bed.

But she is doing pretty great.  The girls all love it, so that is success, if you ask me.  Currently, Aliza is in the habit of singing/talking herself to sleep, which is about a 45 min. process.  This is keeping big sisters up, but they are not complaining a proud of them.  We hope that as she settles in, the singing lessens, and sleep happens faster. :)  But we are just happy about how happy they all are!

The dresser that previously served as the girls' shared dresser, has been moved over to Hunter's room-to-be.  Pictures of that will follow, as soon as it is ready.


  1. Love how you can take what you have, re-purpose it, use things that others might throw or give away and make a beautiful room! We all need a lesson on how to do the flowers. :-)

  2. I love their room! It is so fun, bright and girly! I agree with Mom, I love how you re-create so many things! It's redemptive, really. Love ya,

  3. As always, your craftiness amazes me! I also think you are very brave to have 3 girls in one room ... so glad they are loving it. Can't wait until Hunter arrives!