Jun 7, 2013

How Could I Have Forgotten Istanbul?

Back in April on our way home from Central Asia, Nate and I spent 2 days in Istanbul.  So fun.  Lots of walking and hills, and by day 2, all of our travels caught up with me and my pregnant body and I were pooped.  But it was still such a fun adventure and sweet time with my husband.

Remember that Hagia Sophia?

There was an even bigger mosque across from it called the Blue Mosque.

One of the interesting things about Istanbul is that it is partly in Asia, and partly in Europe.  This is one of two bridges in Istanbul that cross the Bosphorus Strait, which is part of the border between the two continents.  We were on the Asia side.

 The Spice Bazzar, from which I emerged with spices to bring home.  And Nate with some Turkish Delight.

And of course, one of the favorite things was trying the local cuisine.
Doner was one of our favorites.  We ate here twice in 2 days.

At Kale Cafe, by the Bosphorus, we ate a Turkish Breakfast, which upon looking at this picture doesn't look that appetizing.  But actually, it was delicious!  They just brought us the spread.  We didn't really order.  Our favorite was the fried cheese.  There is also (on the left) some sort of cream substance floating in some honey that we spread on rolls.  The skillet in the middle was eggs and sausage with some Turkish spices.  Also on the right are your typical vegetables in vinaigrette.  I didn't care for the olives.

Oooo...this was yummy.  They took fruit and carrots and juiced it right in front of us.

Due to my tired bod, we sat a couple of different times, once on a restaurant rooftop overlooking the Bosphorus, and played backgammon and drank tea.
Such a great trip.  I totally relied on Nate to get us around.  There was slim to zero English spoken, and somehow my husband can communicate with people and figure out the public transportation system, which was more confusing than most I've encountered.  I totally would have been freaked out and lost.  He was in his element, trying to learn a new culture!

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