Jun 9, 2013

Hunter's Room

We have a room ready.
It sure looks pretty open and bare in this picture..the wide-angle must have some effect on that.
It doesn't look quite as bare in real life. :)

I just can't wait to have a sleeping little boy in here!  I did make the crib set.  I mentioned the quilt earlier.  I bought fabric for the sheet and made the crib skirt out of two old sheets we had on hand.  I also ordered a white bumper pad, it's just not here yet.

For curtains, I took what was already in the room when Aliza used it, cut the middle section out of each curtain, and replace them with a panel of fabric from the stash downstairs.  Just to add some color.

The dresser that used to be Malia and Josie's.  And Nate's Mom's when she was a kid. :)
It will eventually have something on it...probably diaper supplies and a lamp.

One thing I am always thinking about when I decorate is how much I hate to dust little do-dads.  There were lots of little vintage-y pieces I could have used to decorate, which I would have liked, but I really like to lessen any kind of unnecessary busy work.  Keep the dusting requirements simple, I say.  It was a part of how I thought about the girls' room too.

These shelves are about as do-dad-y as I get.  It was pushing it for me.
I still want to paint the H red.

The frame used to be in Aliza's room.  I printed these pictures of Nate's and my parents, Nate and I (yes, he is pulling a baby goat by its leg...I love it), and left the center for Hunter.

The books we had and the blocks were given to me at a thrift store when I asked "how much for 5?"

The embroidery was done by my Mom and used to hang in my room (as a baby) and Josie and Malia's room.  The round hoop I put together, and I followed this tutorial to make the wood sign.  It was with a piece of lumber left over from building our house.

And the little fabric-covered canvases that I made are hanging on a small wall in front of you when you enter.

 That's about it.  I think we are ready.  Though he probably won't use this room for a little while, it's good to have it ready.


  1. It looks lovely and FUN. Congratulations on your newest family member.

  2. So cute! I had that same embroidery on my room when I was little!

  3. Love it! Can't wait to see Hunter playing in there!

    And that embroidery is so much better than the one I grew up with in my room. "...and if I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take..."

  4. So, Ezra Landis, eh? :D Love his name. Excited to hear the thought process between this post and his arrival and, of course, about getting to meet him sometime.