Jun 4, 2013

Single Digits and Indian Food

We are officially in the single digits until we are scheduled to have our c-section and have Hunter join us!!  If there was a way to describe how READY I am with this 4th baby, I would do it.  I just feel I do not have adequate words to express how READY I am.  This body is tired.  9 days from today......

But my sweet husband is totally stepping into a lot of tasks and telling me to have a seat.
Honey, you are the greatest.  That so blesses me.  I love you.

We were feeling like something random and fun for dinner the other night, and decided on Indian food.  Have you ever fed your toddler Daal and Chicken Makhani?  Ha!  We might be strange.  But we all loved it.

Josie took a few bites and exclaimed "Oooo....Chickadee Muket!  I love it!"  Chicken Makhini means Butter Chicken.  Um, yeah.  It's good.

The Daal needed some salt, but with that, the girls were quite happy.
This probably doesn't look appetizing to too many people, but Nate and I have thoroughly been enjoying the leftovers this week.  It seriously is good.  Spiced lentils, basically.

Josie with her Chickadee Muket and rice and Daal.

I followed both recipes from this page if you are interested.  We left out some of the spice to appease the younger ones. :)

Here's to 9 days and counting!......


  1. Nanette8:32 PM

    Is it better than scotcheroos?? (chuckling while I type)

  2. 9 Days!? Holy moly!! So excited!!

  3. My boys both eat this meal well. Although the last time I made it I forgot to tone back the spice and it was way to spicy for everyone but Marvin. Hang in there on these last few days. Hope they come quickly.

  4. Butter Chicken is one of my favorite Indian Dishes! I try to watch my sister's mother-in-law whenever she makes it but she moves to fast. I'll have to try on my own!

  5. Glad you're enjoying some good Indian food in the last days. I totally know that tired body feeling! Praying for your perseverance. So that means June 13th is the day?? Is my math right? Love you and can't wait.