Jun 2, 2013

Summer Project!

When I was a kid, one summer my Mom had my sister and I trace and cut out hundreds of squares that she would then sew into a quilt.  Thinking it would take us all summer to get done, she was pretty excited to have something to keep us busy.  Well, we thought it was pretty fun and had them done in a few days!

I decided to cast a similar vision to the older girls and they totally got on board!  I have been tracing and they have been cutting.  We are about 90 squares into the 304 needed for the picnic quilt we are making. 
I intentionally designed it with 5" squares so that the girls could use some math skills (counting by 5's) to help me calculate how many squares we would need.  We've also been talking in math terms about how many squares they are cutting (2 rows of 3...how many is that, etc..)  Love watching their brains see number/math ideas in real life settings!

This will be a true scrap quilt.  It will be all random fabric prints and types from leftovers projects and clothes.  I will probably even let the girls help me at the machine.  And maybe with the tying of knots.  Thanks for the inspiration Mom!

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  1. Nanette10:28 PM

    Fun project for all! You know we still have that quilt. It's been a dandy outdoors quilt.