Jun 16, 2013

The 6th Sapp.

We have some explaining to do.
It's a good thing I never painted that "H" in Hunter's room.
Because when the little guy was born on Thursday, we decided that he is not Hunter, after all.

Nope, he is definitely Ezra Landis Sapp.

And we all love him!

Ezra and Hunter were the two names we had picked out early in pregnancy.  We both liked Ezra, but I was a little skiddish about the idea of following up "Aliza" with "Ezra", thinking it sounded too redundant.  Probably a silly reason to not choose a name, but anyway, Hunter seemed to followed up the other names better, so we leaned that direction.

And the girls bonded with "Hunter".  And when Nate brought up the "Ezra" idea again a couple of months ago, they were adamantly opposed.  I liked both, but didn't want to change it if it would be disappointing to the girls.

When I re-brought it up about a week before he was born, and they were suddenly not only opposed to the idea, but excited about it.  Aliza, in her own words, "liked both of dem".

So it was decided that we would wait until after he was born to decide.

Not only did we like the sound of Ezra, but we also were moved by the story of Ezra in the Bible.  Chapter 9 records the prayer he prays.  He was grieved by the sin of his people, calling it his own. (even though he himself didn't commit it)  With a reverent attitude and no concept of being entitled to anything, he affirms that they had no right to be in His presence, and that God was merciful to even leave them a remnant.

Nate and I LOVE the example of how he deeply grieved sin, didn't just cast condemnation, knew that God's mercy was an undeserved gift, and so wanted his people to submit to Him.  He went on to lead his people to repentance.

What a great vision to believe for our son.  So this, plus me deciding that the redundancy didn't really matter :), seemed to make Ezra the standout choice!

"Look at my muscle."


  1. He is such an Ezra! Beautiful boy, loved seeing you guys and he is blessed to join your family, congratulations! Pics did not disappoint, LOVE the 3 generation pic.

  2. Oh my good gracious!! I cannot wait to meet this little man! He is so so handsome!!! I love the name Ezra too. :) Miss you all! (Happy to see Malia lost her tooth too!!)


  3. So beautiful!!!!! I can't wait to hold em and "eat em up." So fun that all Babu and Gogo's grandson's are E's. Just figured that one out. . .I'm a little slow! Love you both and am showing all your Central Asian friends his pictures.

  4. What a special little guy! So glad he is apart of our family!

  5. Olá, Erika e Nate!
    ESTOU Muito feliz, Pela chegada do Mais novo Membro Desta linda e Abençoada, familia! POSSO Imaginar, a alegria das Meninas, com o Pequeno Ezra!
    Parabéns a Todos, mensagens Que Deus multiplique como TODAS SUAS bençãos, certamente POIS, ELE É FIEL in TODAS SUAS como Promessas!
    Eu ESTOU noiva, faça Alejandro. E, esperamos los Deus Que Um Dia, nos permita Sentir a Emoção EO gozo Perfeito, de ter UMA Família Tao, Amável e graciosa, COMO A DE VOCÊS!
    Abraços, com Muito carinho, Misty.