Jul 13, 2013

1 Month Today

1 month in, and we are surviving. :)  Ezra is settling into a routine and he continues to be a happy little boy.  We are so so happy to have you as a part of our family, little boy!


  1. Oh my, he's changing so much! First picture looks like Erika's side and second picture looks like Nate's. Can't wait to snuggle with him again soon!

  2. I love this little guy but after looking at Erika's little girl pictures, I think he looks like a Farwell! Love the pictures!

  3. Nanette10:27 PM

    Happy one month, dear Ezra! I'm not sure about his looks either - obviously a great mix. I could use some Ezra cuddling.

  4. what is this thing called a routine you speak of?? this first-time mama needs a tutorial!

    ezra is so precious! praying for you as you adjust to a family of four.