Jul 10, 2013

Stateside time.

Nate's sister Jenni and their family are here in the States for one month, and we are eating up all the time with them that we can get!  As expected, we need to share them with Austin's family, too, which we are happy to do. :)  But what fun we've had so far!

Cousins getting to meet each other.

They arrived the day before Jenni's birthday, so we stocked her up with credit to get her fill of "big pops", which is one of her top missed American items. :)  We love you Jenni!

Gogo and Babu were prepared with 2 kid-sized pools, which got much use.

Something clicked for Malia and swimming.  We are talking head under for long periods, feet up and kicking, and hands in motion.  So proud of her!

Gogo with her salad makers.

How cute is this guy?!  I just love him!

While in Topeka, we must ride the train at Gage Park.  And ride the carousel, have our lunch, and walk through the Rose Gardens.

The 4th included a trip to buy some sparklers and poppers.  And our one special treat...a rocket!

The 4th was so enjoyable.  The weather was great.  We ate popcorn on the patio, watched the kids put on concerts for each other in the tent we pitched in the backyard, chased fireflies and put them in jars, watched fireworks in surrounding neighborhoods, and did a couple of our own.  Our kids were in heaven.  They thought it was the perfect night, getting up to stay up late and play in the dark!

Cousins, who hadn't got to play together in a long time, connected right away, which was fun to see.

Now we look forward to our next time with them at the end of the month.  They will be here in our home for a couple of days so the kids and I are dreaming of what places/things we want to share with them in their short stay!

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  1. Wow!! Looks like an amazing time of Family Camp!