Jul 24, 2013

Summer Lovin'

This has been the summer of some "firsts" for the girls.  Malia learning to ride her bike, being one of them.  She is still in the process of learning, but is doing so well and showing much resilience when encountering set-backs.  Like getting a bump on her noggin. :)  She has also been brave in the pool, playing in a such a way that getting her eyes and face wet is not a big deal.  And her feet can leave the bottom too.  Way to go girl!

Josephine (as she prefers to be called these days) has been surprising Nate and I each day with books she pulls out to read.  School has been "out" for the summer, but there has been much learning happening in that area for this girl.  It's so fun to see her realize that she can do it!  

And we hope that Aliza might be using the potty by the end of the summer.  Not sure yet how hard we are going to push that one into a reality.  But maybe?  I can't decide if it would make life easier or harder overall to go for it now.  We'll see...

The girls have enjoyed being outside as storms approach recently.  Some turn out to not be storms at all.  Others have been a welcomed source of water and refreshment for our yard, trees, and garden.  Still trying to grow things.

Today I saw this monster trying to eating my tomato plant and the big girls shot out the door eager to "shoo it away".  Well, shooing didn't quite work, but eventually, with a butterfly net and gardening gloves, they finagled it into a jar. 
 Who says school is out??  The summer months provide so many opportunities for learning from the real world!  (Even if our garden is weed-infested and not watered the most faithfully. :)  I hope we still get a good tomato crop nevertheless.)

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  1. Your girls all look so grown up in these photos!